Saturday, May 26, 2007

Feels Like Home

I am back in Saigon. After a 25 hour bumpy bus ride from Hoi An, and 30 unnecessary bathroom stops along the way (seriously, who needs to piss and poop that much), I finally made into the heart throbbing, bustling avenues, and moped condensed, thicker than condensed milky atmosphere that is Saigon.

Previously I had planned for a trip to Australia, but too many complications has compelled me to to teach for the remainder of my time in this side of the hemisphere. Thank you Mai for referring me to Cha Phuoc from Da Lat monestary. I will repay you graciously when I return.

My next trip will be a 4 day bike ride with my cousin Khoa and a couple of friends to Vung Tau. Vung Tau is the nearest prominent beach from Saigon. There's Can Gio, but that place is a shit hole. By shit hole, I mean it's literally the dumping ground for the Saigon River. I cannot even begin to describe the Saigon River and it's goblin-filth mess. So I'll leave it for another post.

On another note, my flight scheduled for Los Angeles is on the 20th of July. I'll be in L.A. for a couple of weeks and heading up to the Bay Area around mid August. I would love to catch up over a couple (of dozen) beers and tell mad stories like old times. Also, I'm trying to organize a bike ride down Highway 1 if you guys are down. We could camp on the beach and go surfing and what not.

If ya'll were wondering, my health is great, I'm doing fine, and even a bit beefier than usual. My aunt's cooking is really husky-ing me up.

Until then, much love.

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Diana said...

I'll be counting down the days till you get back!